Co-Founder of Investment Fund Secrets. A Marketer Chasing Mastery.
Co-Founder of Investment Fund Secrets. 

A Marketer Chasing Mastery.
Who Is Mason Vranes?
Mason Vranes is an entrepreneur in Oregon And Utah. 

He entered the world of entrepreneurship at age 17 (2017) with his first brand, EMVI Brand.

Although EMVI gained some local success and news specials, Mason wanted to play bigger.

After EMVI Brand, he started OnePercenter, a course designed to help athlete's with the mental side. After that, he teamed up with Bridger Pennington for 
Brains LLC, a digital marketing agency based in Utah.

After 12 clients, most of which had exceptional results, Mason & Bridger decided it was time to grow and scale their own product.

Bridger was an expert in Investment Funds, and Mason knew how to market it. 

They started a small podcast on the subject, grew a following, and decided to launch their first main product in February of 2020. 

That initial launch made $136,400 in 3 days... which was insane for Mason at the time, since he's been living off of virtually nothing for 3 years.

Within 6 months, they were able to scale this product and company well past $1mm, with 9 employees and counting. 

At 20 years old, this is just the beginning. 
Never has getting the attention from your audience ever been more necessary - or hard. With people whose only goal is to be distracted, it's our goal to become the source of distraction, dominate their minds, thoughts, beliefs, and conversations, and ultimately change the lives of our families and the people we serve.
In Current Sales Since 2/20/20
Goal By The End Of 2020
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